Virtual Organ free Sample Sets – Campioni per organo virtuale gratis

In this page you can find a list of sites with Virtual Organ and Instruments free Sample sets and Project for creating sample set. This sample sets are mainly for GrandOrgue.  There are  same HW sample set that can be used in Hauptwerk free/trial version.
 Contrebombarde for sharing and listening organ pieces è un comodissimo sito per ascoltare sample set. Oltre 200 i sample sets presenti nel database; 14000 i brani. Si possono vedere le caratteristiche base degli organi virtuali costruiti o utilizzati dagli esecutori che condividono le esecuzioni.

Grandorgue 3.0

 Piotr Grabowsky – Poland  are my recommended grandorgue sample sets sites at the moment.  I like Mascioni-Giubisco sample sets  .

and  Lars Virtual Pipe Organ Page  sample sets

ODFGRANDORGUE ( new registration and new features  – tablet version – small size sample set )

Grandorgue 2.0
Very good sample set | Downloads – Sample sets HW-1 –  all free

Note/nota :
– 21/2+P  = 21 Stops(Registri) / 2 keyboard  + Pedal
– 2+P/21/21 = 2 keyboard  + Pedal/Stops/Ranks   ( 2 tastiere + Pedale/Registri/File di canne)

Jeux d’orgues | Jeux d’orgues – France

Stiehr-Mockers, Romansviller – 1843 ( France ) – French baroque:  21/2+P – Free

french historical organ built in 1843 for Romanswiller
Stiehr and Mockers famous organ builders
XIXth century in Alsace (France).Jeux d’orgues 2 : Stiehr-Mockers | Jeux d’orguesGO: Jeux d’orgues 2 – Stiehr-Mockers (GrandOrgue / MyOrgan)

Lars Palo – Sweden

LarsPalo-webarchive-last downloadATTENZIONE: Da alcuni mesi i links ai sample set funzionano ma le pagine non sono visibile per problemi con php.

Il sito è visibile anche su webarchive.

L’ultima pagina per il download
riprodotta parzialmente in questa pagina Lars Palo VPO 



Hammarbergs Orgelbyggeri AB  –  Bureå church  – 1967 – Swedish:   33/3+P

Bureå Church organ sampleset Burea Church,

Sweden Bureå Church –Burea_Church.7z) (1.03GB)

Checksums for verifying downloads (md5sum): here

An image of the organ in Bureå ChurchBurea Church

–  Piteå School of Music – Swedish:   35/3+P




Checksums for verifying donwloads (md5sum): here

Organ facade in Piteå School of Music pitea-school
Bureå Funeral Chapel

An image of the organ in Bureå Funeral Chapel 3Burea Funeral Chapel
Swedish 6 free
Kalvtrask Church , Sweden

Facade of Kalvträsk church organ Klavtrask
Swedish 7/1+P free
Other resources


Piotr Grabowsky – Poland

Very good sample set:
Mascioni-Giubiasco (CH)
C.Werner – Strassburg (A)
Raszczyce-Vermeulen (PL)
Friesach-Eisenbarth (A)

Important: For best realism please uncheck option Release sample scaling, which is located on the first tab of Audio/Midi Settings.
use alternative links ( google – drive )

Santa Maria Assunta Giubiasco (Switzerland)
Mascioni 2008 II/22+p

Mascioni  – Giubiasco ,


Friesach – Esibenbarth (2000)


Skratusz – 1876
Wilhelm Sauer, Frankfurt

in linux after extraction of file .rar is necessary:
– to change name of files .wav in uppercase
– to change in .organ files the pipes name *- c.wav -> *-C.wav
Steps to follow

Prospect  Picture 4
Melcer Chamber Music Hall – 1993
Walcker – Saarbrücken,

Picture 4

ODFGrandOrgue   – France

more than 50 vitual instruments free new registrations and new features  (es: 24bits/96KHz – tablet versions )  
small footprint

 ORGUES A TUYAUX   25 organ sample sets.
Now   sample set   24bits 96kHz
tablet version available
 125-Oloron Ste Marie  
 PIANOS   15 piano sample sets 403-Honky Tonk Piano 414-V5-Piano Renversé..
ORGUES ELECTRONIQUES    3 organ eletreonic  sample sets  903-Orgue Conn 640
ORGUES DE BARBARIE  6 semple sets .  254-Orgue barbarie bambou 42 notes
HARMONIUMS 6 harmonium accordion sample setsACCORDEONS 5 Accordeons sample sets  302-Christophe 2 J 1/2  611-Accordéon piano 12 registres
CLAVECIN-LUTH-EPINETTE 6 clavecin sample sets  186-Clavecin pédalier en caisse  191-Epinette Sperrhake
CARILLONS 2 sample setsPERCUSSIONS 4 sample sets Marimba Xhilophone    
Guitares et instruments a cordes 5  sample sets  760-LegendGuitar
Orgue de verre 2 sample sets

Virtual organs – Netherland – Downloads – Sample sets HW-1

Wacker Orgel Wildervank
beautiful late romatic organ 1913 – free complete

 Walker Wildervank 1913

 NOW free these virtual | Downloads
Kaat en Tijhuis | Downloads – Sample sets HW-1Kaat en Tijhuis organ1989

Kaat & Tijhuis from VeendamKaat Tijhuis Veendam
Neo Romantic 25/2+p Free
Oude Pekela, Hervormde Kerk
Van Oeckelen organ I°:9 + II°:7 + P:4Oude Pekelain linux after extraction of file .rar
Check and change directory. They have to be:

Pekela Demo 1865


HW1:Pekela_HW1.rar  ( 500 MB – now free complete)Pekela HW1 Demo.rar ( 150 MB ) 13 free

Pere Casulleras –  Escola Superior de Musica – Catalunya – Downloads – Sample sets HW-1

Andrea Bonzi – ITALY

Organo QT8 – Tamburini – 1959
Chiesa S. Maria NascenteGO: “Tamburini S. Maria Nascente” sample sets
Tamburini 1959, II-23
Italiano  23/ 2+p free

Appleton Audio – Australia

St. Augustine’s, Neutral Bay organ 1929
St. Augustine’s, Neutral Bay | Appleton Audio
builder by Hill, Norman and Beard in 1929

  • HW1 – GO :  Download (660 MB)
    The original .rar has troubles and in linux is necessary to change:
    – files .wav in uppercase
    – .organ files  changing a corrupt pipe  .wav file
    this my St.Augustine .rar without serious errors ( google drive )
    Steps to follow  to correct sample set manually
Australian 12/2+P free
 St. Stephens Anglican Church, Penrith
Builder: Charles Jackson 1877 – rebuilt

Australian 14/2+P free

Graham Goodie –  savirtual organs – South Africa

A large comglomerate virtual organ
English Cathedral Organ – Hauptwerk

St Stephen’s at Zion Organs
Prudhoe Methodist at Zion Organs
HW3 F/trial: English Cathedral Organ – Hauptwerk Composite 76/4+P free


Barton 3-7 for Grandorgue
Barton Theatre Organ – savirtualorgans

Barton 3-7 for GrandOrgue

Barton3-7 Specification – savirtualorgans

If you have troubles with .organ file use
this my Barton3-7.v01Alpha_ms.organ file

Here the full sample set

Barton 3-6 Console (with two expression pedals)
download per grandorgueBarton3-7_GOv01Alpha.rar
Theater organ – Wurlitzer GO free

South Africa Virtual pipe organ


St. Maria Nordheim (D)
built by Tzschöckel Orgelbau 


GO:  4 free
  • A small trunk organ by Orgelbau Tzschökel
  • Size: One manual, 4 stops
  • Range: C bis g”’ (56 keys)
  • Sample resolution: Stereo, 24bit/48kHz
  • Processed with MLP©: Yes
  • Recorded with natural reverb (wet sample set): Yes
  • Multiple release samples: Yes, 2 per pipe
  • Action noises (keys, stops etc.): Yes



Panos Virtual Organs – Greek

Notre Dame d’Obersteigen Stiehr-Mockers 1880


in linux after extraction of file .rar
Check and change .organ extension. It have to be in lowercse

Obersteigen Notre Dame Chapel
GO: Download composite 8/1+P free
Saint Jeroni, Palma de Mallorca
Matheu Bosh 1746 organ

GO: Download composite free

Orgue 4 Jeux – France

Positiv organ 4 Jeux
Orgue 4 jeux – GrandOrgueV3


Others – Netherland

Jorgensen Tribute Organ
Jorgensen Tribute Organ Magne Nilsen Norwegian 30/2+P No

Soni Musicae

Diatonic Accordion Soni Musicae Diatonic Accordion 02/1 No, *hw1
Ghent Belfry Carillon Soni Musicae Carillon 01/1 No, *hw1
Italian Spinet Soni Musicae Spinet 01/1 No, *hw1
1988 House Organ (Orgue de salon) Soni Musicae Chamber organ 05/1 No, *hw1
Small Italian Harpsichord (17th) Soni Musicae Harpsichord 03/1 No, *hw1
French Harpsichord after Blanchet (18th) Soni Musicae Harpsichord 03/1 No, *hw1
French Harpsichord Double after Taskin (18th) Soni Musicae Harpsichord 03/2 No, *hw1

Mark Beverly – UK

Prudhoe Methodist Church,
Northumberland, UK

The Organ of Prudhoe Methodist Churchx Hw3 F/trial: here
Prudhoemethodist2004_0226AG.JPG screenshot.JPG
9/ 2+P free

Orgue de Pibrac – FR

L’orgue de Pibrac, T.Puget 1863- France de sons de l’orgue de Pibrac pour MyOrgan
Orgue de Pibrac - côté droitOrgue de Pibrac - au fond de l'église
 France 16/2+P

Christian Datzko

Dieter Ott chamber oragan 2003Ott-Orgel – home

Ott-Orgel – download page

Picture of the organ
 Modern Baroque chamber organ free

Others –

Jorgensen Tribute Organ
Jorgensen Tribute Organ Magne Nilsen Norwegian 30/2+P No

Hawpterk-free organs

Hauptwerk 2-3
Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ – Sample Sets
Sample Set for the free Enigma Organ designed by Al MorseHauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ – Sample SetsHauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ – project organ! hosted on Raspberry Pi
 Overall View #2
Hawptwerk 4

Six pipe organs

Pipe Organ Works - Orgelwerke Muzik - Musique d'orgue

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Others Resources:


23 pensieri su “Virtual Organ free Sample Sets – Campioni per organo virtuale gratis

  1. Gaik Aboian :
    St. Augustine’s, Neutral Bay organ 1929good tool, I downloaded it 5 times, but when you unpack, always the same,,,, two damaged files that are prohibited from using this kit,,,,
    but nevertheless, thank you very much for all the set of organs if it is possible to put more,,,, will be very grateful!

  2. Thanks for your sample sets. In addition to the problem with the St. Augustine’s organ, (which I too have experienced) there is a problem with the Barton Theatre 3/7 organ for GrandOrgue.

    After extracting the .rar file, when loading into GrandOrgue V0.3.1.1340 I get the following error message –
    “Missing required value section ‘Panel001Image001’ entry ‘Image’
    which prevents the set from loading.

    Any thoughts on how to correct this?


  3. Dear Mr. Maurizio!
    Thanks, I really hope that I can follow the instructions and get sound jOrgan and Fluidsynth, if problemmy will, I hope will help,
    with respect and gratitude!


  4. Salve sig. Maurizio…la disturbo per aiutarmi a configurare pitea organi su iPad e a scaricare gli organi su grand orgue…in quanto non riesco a farlo…sarò lieto di leggere il suo commento…Grazie.

    • Purtroppo non uso iPad.
      Posso solo dire che c’è una versione Pitea per Android che lavora benino.
      La frase “scaricare gli organi su GrandOrgue” non è molto chiara. Perchè non viene evidenziato il sistema operativo ne il sampleset che da problemi.

  5. Un saluto
    Non riesco a trovare la versione di GrandOrgue con tre manuali e una pedaliera. Dove posso trovarla?

    Non e’ che per caso dipende dal sistema operativo?

  6. Ho a casa un AHLBORN Praeludium IV e con i tuoi consigli sono riuscito a connetterlo al computer col programma Grandorgue ed ora provo l’emozione di suonare vari organi a canne. Grazie mille Paolo

  7. Buon giorno.
    Utilizzo GrandOrgue (ultima versione) con Ubuntu 16.04 lts e ho notato che se apro il programma dal launcher anzichè dal terminale i pannelli non sono utilizzabili. C’è un modo per renderli sempre disponibili?

    • Mi rendo conto che la risposta è molto tardiva. Ma sono stato impegnato il altre attività e non ho seguito il blog
      Non credo di avere ben compreso.
      Non si aprono proprio i pannelli?
      O non si aprono automaticamente i pannelli aperti al momento del salvataggio/uscita?

  8. buongiorno Maurizio,
    vorrei chiedere una informazione: sto cercando un programma editor per creare un sampleset per Grandorgue,
    ma non ho trovato nulla per mac, solo sample set creator per windows….
    esiste qualcosa analogo per mac?


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