Free Sample Sets Virtual Organ – Campioni per organo virtuale

[update dicember 2012]

New_icons_17 Virtual Organ free Sample Sets – Campioni per organo virtuale .
It’s a a new working progress and more complete blog page with sample sets and other useful info about virtual organ.

[update 2012 september]
To download MyOrgan or GrandOrgue you can look at this post  Virtual Organs – Software – MyOrgan – GrandOrgue

Stiehr-Mockers 1843

Stiehr-Mockers 1843

A list of sites with Virtual Organ and Istruments free Sample sets and Project for creating sample set.
This sample sets can be used by MyOrgan and  GrandOrgue.

Jeux d’orgues | Jeux d’orgues

Jeux d’orgues 2 : Stiehr-Mockers | Jeux d’orgues

Stiehr-Mockers, Romansviller – 1843

french historical organbuilt in 1843 for Romanswiller
Stiehr and Mockers famous organ builders
XIXth century in Alsace (France).

Lars Palo Virtual Pipe Organ Page – Sweden

An image of the organ in Bureå Church

Bureå Church

Four virtual organ sample sets

Hammarbergs Orgelbyggeri AB – 1967
Bureå church , Sweden.

Bureå Church organ sampleset   ( 33/3+P )

Bureå Funeral Chapel  ( 6 + P )

Kalvtrask Church , Sweden   (7 + P )

Piteå School of Music- GrandOrgue    (35/3 +P )

Burea Church, Sweden  ( 7+P )

Burea Church extBurea ChurchKlavtrask extPiteaBurea Funeral Chapel

Tamburini 1959, II-23

Tamburini 1959, II-23

Andrea Bonzi – Consulente Organario – Italy

Organo QT8 – Tamnburini – 1959
Chiesa S. Maria Nascente

Progetto Organi Italiani

Milano – Chiesa S. MARIA Nascente “QT8″  Tamburini,1959, II-23   ( 23/2 +P )  Very good sample set

Sample Sets | Appleton Audio – Australia

Graham Goodie – savirtualorgans – South Africa

ImageA large comglomerate virtual organ

English Cathedral Organ – Hauptwerk

St Stephen’s at Zion Organs
Prudhoe Methodist at Zion Organs
English Cathedral Organ – Hauptwerk

Barton 3-7 for GrandOrgue

Barton 3-7 for Grandorgue

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