xfce keyboard shortcuts: xfce4 application shortcuts, xfce4 window manager keyboard shortcut

To set Application shortcuts in Xfce4 you have to use menu Keyboard.

Keyboard menu open window “Keyboard”.
Description is “Edit keyboard settings and application shortcuts”.

Application shortcuts Menu Path:  Settings -> Keyboard

Application shortcuts Command:  xfce4-keyboard-settings

Application shortcuts Keyboard screenshot

xfce4 setting keyboard application shortcut

Popup to capture keyboard shortcut

popup capture shortcut

File with keyboard shortcuts is xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml.

xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml path is


Xfce Windows Manager  shortcut

To change Xfce4 Window Manager shortcut you have to use menu Window Manager.

Window Manager menu open window “Window Manager”.
Description is “Configure window behavior and shortcut”.

Window Manager Menu Path:  Settings -> Window Manager

Window Manager Command: xfwm4-settings

Window Manager launcher

Window Manager Keyboard shortcut screenshot

xfce4 window manager keyboard shortcut

xfce4 window manager keyboard shortcut 1


Changed Select Workspace as Awesome Window Manager


My xfce4 Aplication Shortcuts


xfce4 my keyboard application shortcuts