Install sopcast on Ubuntu 13.10 – manual installation in Saucy Salamander

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The main change in the  manual installation of sopcast in ubuntu 13.10 compared to previous versions of ubuntu concerns the 64-bit version.  In Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit  it isn’t necessary to install ia32-libs ( there isn’t ia32-libs in Ubuntu 13.10 )

To install sopcast 3.2.6 for linux  in Ubuntu 13.10, using manual installation, we can use files listed on this page

sopcast-player ubuntu 13.10

sopcast-player ubuntu 13.10

Install sopcast 32 and 64 bit  OS

1)  Install sp-auth

tar -zxvf sp-auth.tgz
sudo cp ./sp-auth/sp-sc-auth /usr/bin/sp-sc
sudo cp ./sp-auth/sp-sc-auth /usr/local/bin/sp-sc

2) Check sp-sc

maurizio@U1310tst:~$ sp-sc
sp-sc: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

3)  libstdc++5 is missing so download and use it :

tar -zxvf libstdcpp5.tgz
sudo cp -a ./usr/lib/* /usr/lib/

it possibile to check the presence of libstdc + +5 with dpkg, too.

$ dpkg -l | grep libstdc++5
ii libstdc++5:i386 1:3.3.6-25ubuntu1 The GNU Standard C++ Library v3

retest sp-sc 

SC Version: 3.2.6 Build time: 2009-11-09 15:09
./sp-sc [-TpI] [-b ipaddr] [-u username:password] [-n out:total] <sop://url> <localport> <playerport>

4)  Install gettext
It is possibile check if gettext is installed with dpkg

# dpkg -l | grep "gettext "
ii  gettext                                       amd64        GNU Internationalization utilities

If it isn’t installed  you can Install gettext with :

# sudo apt-get install gettext

5) Now we download, extract and compile sopcast-player

tar -zxvf sopcast-player-0.8.5.tar.gz
cd sopcast-player/

Compile and  install

sudo make install

We start the program from the menu “Sound & Video” or with the command from the terminal


When you fist start sopcast click to retrive channels the button unlighted in red in next image

sopcast player first start ubuntu 13.10

sopcast player first start ubuntu 13.10