Install sopcast on Ubuntu 13.04 – manual installation Raring ringtail

New_icons_17 Install sopcast on Ubuntu 13.10 – manual installation in Saucy Salamander

The procedure to  install sopcast 3.26 for linux in Ubunu 13.04 Raring Ringtail, using manual installation, is the same as that used in previous version of ubuntu. In this post I reuse this approach Install sopcast on Ubuntu 12.10 – manual installation with some little changing.

To install sopcast 3.2.6 for linux  in Ubuntu 13.04 Quantal, using manual installation, we can use files listed on this pages

Sopcast player

Ubuntu 64 bit

If you use a 64 bit system you have to check if  ia32 is installed.  ia32  package contains runtime libraries for the ia32/i386 architecture, configured for use on an amd64 or ia64  system running a 64-bit kernel.

sudo dpkg –list ia32-libs* | grep ii

maurizio@Lub12120:~$ sudo dpkg --list ia32-libs | grep ii
ii ia32-libs 20090808ubuntu36 amd64 ia32 shared libraries - transitional package
ist ia32-libs*

If you do not have the Compatibility Pack for the 32-bit install with

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Install sopcast 32 and 64 bit  OS

1)  Install sp-auth

tar -zxvf sp-auth.tgz
sudo cp ./sp-auth/sp-sc-auth /usr/bin/sp-sc
sudo cp ./sp-auth/sp-sc-auth /usr/local/bin/sp-sc

2) Check sp-sc

maurizio@Lub12120:~$ sp-sc
SC Version: 3.2.6  Build time: 2009-11-09 15:09
./sp-sc [-TpI] [-b ipaddr] [-u username:password] [-n out:total] <sop://url>

3) Check the presence of libstdc + +5   with   dpkg

$ dpkg -l | grep libstdc++5
ii libstdc++5:i386 1:3.3.6-25ubuntu1 The GNU Standard C++ Library v3

If libstdc++5 is missing download it here:

tar -zxvf libstdcpp5.tgz
sudo cp -a ./usr/lib/* /usr/lib/

4)  Install gettext

It is possibile check if gettext is installed with dpkg

# dpkg -l | grep "gettext "
ii  gettext                                       amd64        GNU Internationalization utilities

Install gettext with :

# sudo apt-get install gettext

5) Now we download, extract and compile sopcast-player

tar -zxvf sopcast-player-0.8.5.tar.gz
cd sopcast-player/

Compile and  install

sudo make install

We start the program from the menu “Sound & Video” or with the command from the terminal


When you fist start sopcast click to retrive channels the button unlighted in red in next image

sopcast player first start ubuntu 13.04

sopcast player first start ubuntu 13.04



Attention when start make if gettext is not installed this is  error message

:~/Downloads/sopcast-player$ make
Generating language files...
/bin/sh: 4: msgfmt: not found