Ubuntu essential programs – ubuntu 12.10 e 12.04

It is definitely not easy to make a list of programs essential to a linux distro.  I think that the choice of most useful application depends on how you use your computer, the power of the computer (disl space, memory …)  and personal preferences and skills.     Therefore, the following list may not be defined a list of the best programs for ubuntu 12 in absolute terms. Surely it is a list of programs and tools useful and effective. For a more complete list of programs for Ubuntu 12 refer to this page Software Linux.

Command line Linux tools:

To install from terminal nmon mc nmap nano sysv-rc-conf

sudo apt-get install nmon mc nmap nano sysv-rc-conf scrot
sudo apt-get install terminator
  • timidity: play midi file
sudo apt-get install timidity

to install htop and putty

sudo apt-get install htop putty

Application with graphic interface (GUI)

Accessories – Utility

  • pcmanfm: lightweight and effective file manager based on GTK+ . compilare e installare il file manager PCManFM 1.0.1 in Ubuntu 12.04.01
  • xkeepass or revelation password managers
  • gksu: frontend to su. To run graphical command that need root without starta a terminal
  • xbindkeys:  grab keys and mouse button events in X and starts associated shell command  xbindkeys: per associare comandi alla tastiera in linux ubuntu debian
  • xfce4-screenshooter-plugin ( command xfce4-screenshooter ) applicatio to easily take screenshots Screenshot facile in ubuntu debian linux
  • mupdf   a pdf viewer very fast and simpe ( Key: + – ; w; L,R, 123g, /,n,N, c, m, 1m, 1t ) .  Alternative evince – acrobat reader
  • catfish:  a gui front-end  to differnete search engine as: locate, slocate,tracker, beagle, strigi, pinoti, and find
  • gucharmap :  Unicode character picker and font browser
  • matchbox-keyboard command matchbox-keyboard ) on-screen keyboard
  • baobab : a graphical tool to analyse disk usage  (Disk Usage Analyzer – command baobab)  
  • 7zip    a file archiver that manage 7z, a proprietary highest compression rate, and other format lik: szip,rar, iso, zip61,cab,ary,gzip,bzip2,tar,cpio,rpm e deb ( install packets  p7zip or p7zip-full –  command 7z)
  • grub-customizer:  a graphical grub2/burg editor  Grub customizer ubuntu linux

Sistema Programmazione


  • browser web
    • netsurf   a small web browser. It’s essential and fast.
    • firefox  o  chromium ( command  chromium-browser)    (others  opera,  midori )
  • thunderbird  powerful extensible and highly configurable email client from Mozilla foundation   Client email Thunderbird rilasciata la versione 17 – release VES – ubuntu debian linux 
  • abiword:  wordprocessor    ( in alternativa la nota suite libreoffice )
  • gnumeric: spreadsheet
  • ZIM  desktop wiki editor. It take notes hierarchical with the possibility of adding images. Very flexible. Great for organizing information more about Zim
  • pdfshuffler: application for pdf merging, rearranging, and splitting
  • gscan2pdf Scanner efficace anche nella pulizia e nella converisone in DjVu dei file pdf ( unica nota richiede molte librerie in un istallazione lo spazio disco aggiuntivo in LXDE può raggiungere i 100MB ) alterantiva simplescan
  • Remmina remote deskotp client efficace gestore di collegmamenti multipli a desktops remoti( e possibile copiare le connessioni impostate in altro elaboratore )
  • pidgin multi protocol instant messaging client
  • skype: 4.0 ubuntu 12.04  is a proprietary Ovice over IP and instant messaging cross-platform
  • scribus:    desktop pubblishing su linux
  • diffuse merge tools


  • feh:  images viewer, desktop wallpapaer manager.It’s compact and configurable.
  •  gpicview: lightviwer viewer – compilare e installare gpicview 0.2.3 in Ubuntu
  • gimp:  a powerful image manipulation and paint program
  • inkdscape: to vector graphicse
  • geeqie   
  • rawteraphy: alternative a Adobe Lightroom. It work effectively on Raw files and NEF files of Nikon
  • shotwell  a digital photo organizer
  • imagemagick a free software suite for the creation, modification and display of bitmap images. GUI is not  too friendly, but very effective in many situations particularly from the command line.



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