Install AverTV Volar Green HD on Ubuntu 12.04.1

[update november 2013]

AverTV Volar Green HD Ubuntu 13.04 mancato riconoscimento

[update october 2012 ]

new post  AverTV Volar Green HD Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal.  In Ubuntu 12.10 AVerMedia USB dongle is supported natively

This post tell how to install dongle usb DVB-T Avermedia TV AverTV Volar Green HD on Ubuntu 12.04.1 kernel 3.2 and should work for device with chipset AF9035. Xgazza has prepared an excellent guide for compiling and installing the kernel modules required to use the USB Dongle DVB-T Avermedia TV in Ubuntu. miniguida DVB-T USB AVERMEDIA A835 UBuntu 11.10 .

Ubuntu 12.04 kernel 3.2 Commands

Check that dongle is recognized


It should be the l’ID device  USB 07ca:a835
Bus 001 Device 005: ID 07ca:a835 AVerMedia Technologies, Inc.

Other Device  ID  supported are ( same  chipset ) ID 0ccd:0093 ID 0ccd:00aa ID 07ca:0825.

Now we download the source  for the kernel with git.

to install git

 sudo apt-get install git-core

download with

git clone

You can use tarball. To download tarball you can point your browser to  then download file and extract.

Then update kernel headers

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`

as we compile from source

sudo apt-get install build-essential

Go into new directory

cd DVB-AF9035_kernel-3.2.0/

to compile and to install 

sudo make install

download from xgazza device firmware and reboot

cd /lib/firmware

sudo wget 

sudo reboot

Unfortunately every update of kernel, you may need to install the kernel modules.
To do this  repeat :

cd DVB-AF9035_kernel-3.2.0/
sudo make install

If you want a small player use Me-TV. Channels setting is easy.
I like kaffeine with this USB DVB-T dongle. This player work fine but it is a bit heavy (150 MB ).

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6 pensieri su “Install AverTV Volar Green HD on Ubuntu 12.04.1

  1. Thank you, I’ve used these sources, but the IR receiver is not recognized, and sometimes the driver hangs logging in kern.log : “af9035: bulk message failed:-19 (12/0)”.

  2. Ciao Maurizio, complimenti per il sito davvero interessate! Volevo chiederti se per caso avevi provato ad utilizzare l’AverTV Volar Green HD su un Raspberry pi con OpenElec o XBMC. Grazie


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