ASP.NET Menu control hides behind page Opera Browser

Opera does not display properly dinamic Submenu of  ASP.NET menu control.

Using MasterPage you can notice that if your menu expand over contenplace holder
that use position relative, menu hides behind page.
Drop down works fine, but the part that drops down “hides” behind the content placeholder

I have googled this problem and try many solutions.

  1. I notice that if I remove relative or absolute position from content placeholder the dropdown menu work fine. For me this is best solution for Opera.
  2. I have  used  CSS class with z-index-  (ex. z-index:99 )  . This is not a good solution for Opera
  3. Using Net 4.0 you can try  to set the RenderingMode property to “Table” for the ASP.NET menu control. menu control default value is “listitem”




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